TC HELICON HARMONY V60 - Vocal & Guitar Acoustic Speaker Amplifier 2 Channel - 60 Watt - 8 inch with Tannoy Speaker

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60 Watt 2 Channel Acoustic Amplifier with Vocal Processing, Looper, Tannoy Dual Concentric Speaker and 4-Button Footswitch

  • 60 Watt 2-channel acoustic amplifier with amazing vocal processing

  • 8" Tannoy Dual-Concentric speaker and an exclusive Top-Firing tweeter provide massive crystal clear audio to you AND your audience

  • 4-button customizable footswitch to control looper, harmony and effects included

  • Voice channel with Adaptive Tone, Intelligent Anti-feedback, Pitch Correction, Harmony, Reverb and Delay

  • Guitar channel with BodyRez, Intelligent Anti-feedback, Tuner, Reverb, Delay, Chorus and 3 band EQ

  • Built-in looper for practicing, developing ideas and enhancing live performances

  • Harmony function automatically creates up to 2 voices of smooth and accurate vocal harmonies

  • BodyRez restores natural tone to acoustic guitars when using piezo under-saddle pickups

  • Intelligent anti-feedback on each channel automatically stops feedback 

  • Accurate integrated chromatic tuner with mute function

  • Dual XLR DI jacks with flexible routing for complete control of your sound

  • USB output for direct recording to a computer allows easy capture

  • Dedicated Aux input for playback of MP3 players, drum machines, etc

All In One Performance Companion
All In One Performance Companion

The Harmony V60 Acoustic Amplifier is crammed full of features and innovations that can help you weave intricate, evolving sounds at home or in clubs and halls. Maximize your audio potential to capture attention and hold it with an array of fascinating vocal and guitar effects and looping in an easy-to-carry processor and amplifier system.

Immersive Guitar Sound
Immersive Guitar Sound

Leave your pedals at home. A suite of sweet guitar effects that would normally require a large pedal board is included. There’s a fast, accurate Tuner, BodyRez to improve the feel and tone of your undersaddle pickup, 3 band EQ and separate Chorus, Reverb and Echo with their own styles and mix controls. All you add is a guitar and your groove.

Stunning Vocals
Stunning Vocals

Everybody knows the main link to an audience is vocals and TC Helicon’s studio-quality vocal processing lets your voice shine. With Adaptive Tone for instant “producer polish”, transparent pitch correction, two additional virtual Harmony voices and the lush expansiveness of Reverb and Echo, your voice will excite like never before.

Room Filling Guitar And Vocals

Hear Yourself Better

Fast-Acting Automatic Anti-Feedback

Multiply Yourself

And The Footswitch Is Included!

Comfortable On The Big Stage Or Your Laptop

Room Filling Guitar And Vocals
Room Filling Guitar And Vocals

60 Watts of Class D bi-amplification provided by separate amps for the lows and highs ensures powerful, precise sound. The 8” dual concentric speaker (woofer and tweeter in one) by legendary brand Tannoy projects a point source sound wave for the widest possible listening field while keeping the speaker’s enclosure compact.

Hear Yourself Better
Hear Yourself Better

When you turn on Harmony V60’s additional top-firing tweeter, an exclusive innovation from TC Helicon, you’ll finally get to hear more of what your audience hears. No more muffled sound or putting the amp on a chair, now you get an exciting sound standing beside, in front or behind your Harmony V60.

Fast-Acting Automatic Anti-Feedback
Fast-Acting Automatic Anti-Feedback

The Harmony V60 acts automatically to minimize screeching and howl for the Vocal and Guitar channels respectively. You get to continue playing and singing instead of switching and dialing EQ controls when feedback happens.

Multiply Yourself
Multiply Yourself

Within seconds you can build a sound greater than the sum of its parts with the 90 second looper and its unlimited overdubs. Looper input can be Voice, Guitar or both and your loop length automatically sets tap tempo so echoes play nicely in time. Imagine each overdub with a different, tasty effect!

And The Footswitch Is Included!
And The Footswitch Is Included!

Looping, vocal processing and guitar effects can all be controlled by the rugged 4 button footswitch that comes with Harmony V60. A default mapping of footswitches to effects is provided but customization is easy and fast if you want quick footswitch access to the Tuner for example.

Comfortable On The Big Stage Or Your Laptop
Comfortable On The Big Stage Or Your Laptop

Dry and effected XLR or USB outputs offer mixing and tracking versatility for front of house mixer or when you want to record. These can also be used either in a single stereo pair or individual mono channels.

Guitar Highlights:

Chromatic Tuner

Auto Anti-Feedback

Body-rez acoustic resonance enhancer

Bass, Mid and Treble EQ controls

Three types of Chorus

Room, Club and Hall Reverb Styles

Tape, Digital and Slap Echo Styles with Tap Tempo

Vocal Highlights

Adaptive Tone - your personal sound engineer

Auto Anti-Feedback

Chromatic Pitch Correction

Up to two voices of guitar controlled vocal Harmony

Room, Club and Hall Reverb Styles

Tape, Digital and Slap Echo Styles with Tap Tempo


1.5 minutes loop time

Unlimited overdub

Input can be set to guitar only, vocal only or all

Loop time sets Echo tempo (except Slap Echo style)

Silent erase with Stop switch (programmable to footswitches)

Audio inputs
Guitar input

¼" TRS balanced/XLR combo

Input impedance

2 MΩ balanced/1 MΩ unbalanced

Microphone input

¼ " TRS balanced/XLR combo

Input impedance

XLR: 2.9kΩ balanced; ¼" 10kΩ TRS balanced/5k TS unbalanced

Aux input

3.5 mm TRS stereo

Input impedance
Audio outputs
Guitar/right out and Mic/left out 

XLR balanced, female

Output impedance

400 Ω

Max. output level 

0 dBu


DI, FX, Mix

Headphones out

3.5 mm TRS stereo

Output impedance

10 Ω

Max. output leve

8 dBu

Vocal section controls

Volume (1 to 10) Adaptive tone (off to max) Correction (off to max) Harmony selector, 8 position Harmony level (0 to 10) Reverb (off, room, club, hall) Echo (off, tape, digital, slap)


Phantom on/off Talk on/off Anti-feedback on/off Harmony enable/disable


Phantom (red), Reverb (green), Echo (green), Harmony voice (green, 8 selections)

Backlit switches

Talk (green), anti-feedback (green, or blue when operating), harmony (green)

Guitar section controls

Volume (0 to 10) Bass, shelving (-12 to 12 dB) Mid, peaking (-12 to 12 dB) Treble, shelving (-12 to 12 dB) Chorus (detune, silk, corona) Reverb (off, room, club, hall) Echo (off, tape, digital, slap)


Echo (off, tape, digital, slap) Switches Mute on/off Anti-feedback on/off Bodyrez off, Bodyrez-1, Bodyrez-2 Bodyrez-3 Harmony enable/disable


Tuner note 8-segment, red


Chorus (green), reverb (green), echo (green) Tuner sharp/flat/in-tune (red)

Backlit switches

Mute (red), anti-feedback (green, or blue when operating), bodyrez (red, green, blue selections)

Footswitchable controls
Microphone Section

Talk on/off Harmony on/off at the current setting Reverb on/off Echo on/of

Guitar section

Mute on/off Chorus on/off Reverb on/off Echo on/off Harmony on/off at a selected setting

Looper section

Tap Tempo Play/record Stop


Green when footswitch engaged, red when recording

Looper controls

Level (0 to 10)


Voice/all/guitar Tap tempo  Play/record Stop

Backlit switches

Tap tempo (flash red at tempo), play/record (green play, red record), stop (red)

Rear panel section

AC input IEC, USB B type Foot switch, 5-pin DIN (for FST4 only) Guitar/right out, XLR male Mic/left out, XLR male Aux in, 3.5 mm


AC power on/off toggle Top tweeter on/off Guitar/right out, DI/FX/MIX selector Mic/left out, DI/FX/MIX selector Ground lift, XLR audio


Aux input level (0-10)


Class compliant USB 2.0, type B

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7 or higher Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher

Windows driver

Required driver is supplied

Audio input and output

2 channels, 24 bit, 48kHz

Output power

80 W


Class- D


Short circuit, thermal


8" dual-concentric, Tannoy


4 Ω

Power handling

240 W

Top tweeter (switchable on/off)



4 Ω

Overall frequency response

90 Hz - 20 kHz (+/- 3 dB) 60 Hz - 24 kHz (- 10 dB)

Maximum SPL

115 dbSPL

Footswitch (supplied) (any switch can operate any footswitchable control)



Harmony on/off (with LED) Vocal FX on/off (with LED) Guitar FX on/off (with LED) Looper on/off (with LED)

Power Supply
Mains Voltage

100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

35 W

Mains connection

Standard IEC receptacle

Power Switch

Rocker, rear pane

Dimensions (H x W x D)

333 x 383 x 287 mm (13.1 x 15.1 x 11.3")


11.2 kg (24.6 lbs)


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TC Electronic adalah perusahaan peralatan audio Denmark yang mendesain dan mengimpor efek gitar , amplifikasi bass, antarmuka audio komputer, perangkat lunak plug-in audio , equalizer suara langsung , peralatan studio dan pasca produksi, prosesor efek studio, serta prosesor dan pengukur kenyaringan siaran.

TC Electronic didirikan oleh dua musisi bersaudara, Kim dan John Rishøj. SCF mereka , ("Stereo Chorus + Pitch Modulator & Flanger") adalah produk awal yang sukses. Setelah sukses awal dengan pedal efek gitar, mereka mengembangkan prosesor 19" yang dipasang di rak, termasuk penundaan TC2290 yang dirilis pada tahun 1985.

TC Electronic membentuk Grup TC saat ini pada tahun 2002 setelah mengakuisisi TGI plc. TGI terdiri dari Tannoy , GLL Goodman , Lab.Gruppen dan Martin Audio. Martin Audio dijual dengan cepat setelah merger dan Goodman Loudspeakers ditutup. TC Works (pengembangan perangkat lunak), yang berbasis di Jerman, pernah menjadi bagian dari grup TC, tetapi diintegrasikan kembali dengan TC Electronic pada tahun 2005.

TC Group saat ini adalah perusahaan induk dari lima perusahaan merek individu yang terdiri dari Tannoy , (speaker dan monitor studio), Lab.Gruppen (amplifier), TC Electronic, TC-Helicon ( harmonir dan prosesor vokal) dan TC|Applied Technologies (digital -pengembangan semikonduktor audio) dan perusahaan penjualan TC Group|Internasional, TC Group|Amerika, TC Group|Jepang, TC Group|China, dan TC Group|Timur Tengah.

TC Electronic juga mengembangkan produk bersama dengan Dynaudio Acoustics (monitor studio) dan cabang penjualan Eropa mereka TC Group|International mendistribusikan Mikrofon Biru di luar AS.

Perusahaan ini dibeli oleh Music Group (Behringer) pada Agustus 2015

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