Speaker Subwoofer Aktif Single 12 inch 200 Watt WORK ARC SUB 12 MKII


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Self-powered subwoofer. 12'' woofer. 200W. Input: full range and LFE. Adjustable phase from 0° to 180°

ARC SUB 12 MKII is a self-powered subwoofer which integrates a 200W power amplifier and a 12'' high performance woofer.

The amplifier features several controls, allowing to configure parameters such as output gain, bass enhancer, crossover frequency or phase inverting. The built-in Standby function offers the possibility to shutdown the amplifier in absence of audio input. 

ARC SUB 12 MKII incorporates 2 input types: full-range LINE mono input and stereo High Level input for direct connection between external amplifiers and satellites system.

Its robust design, elegant finish (made of high density wood) and shape are very suitable in reinforcement appliances like conference rooms, schools or home cinema installations.

  • 200W self-powered subwoofer.
  • Suitable for bass reinforcement appliances.
  • Standby function (Auto power on when receiving audio signal).
  • Full range and High Level inputs for different installation requirements.
  • Made of high density wood.
  • Several configuration parameters.