Meinl MJ401+18 Cymbal Set 3 Pcs Cymbal + 1 Free 18 Extra Dry Thin Crash


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Mike Johnston Cymbal Set:

14" Extra Dry Medium Hihat

20" Extra Thin Hammered Crash

21" Transition Ride

FREE: 18" Extra Dry Thin Crash

  • HAND HAMMERED IN TURKEY FROM B20 BRONZE ALLOY: The Meinl Byzance 21" Transition Ride was developed in cooperation with renowned drummer and instructor, Mike Johnston, who was looking for a Turkish-made B20 bronze ride cymbal with a few specific qualities. The goal of this ride is to create a seamless transition from articulate stick definition when playing on the top to a wide open crash when laying into the side.
  • A UNIQUE PHYSICAL CONNECTION: Your stick will bounce freely on the top of the unlathed surface, creating a light shimmering effect that fills the mid to high sonic range. With plenty of give, the Transition Ride plays back to you for a unique physical connection to the cymbal. Its hand hammered bronze alloy gives you an earthy growl behind the super dynamic stick response.
  • MADE FOR CRASH RIDING: Its abilities as a ride is matched with its capacity as a crash. The Transition Ride delivers a buttery attack with a smooth, fast decay, allowing you to get right back to playing ride patterns on top of the cymbal. The underside is finely lathed and polished up to the bell to help aide in achieving crash effects.
  • MODERN VERSATILITY ROOTED IN TRADITION: Byzance Extra Dry cymbals have become an immensely popular choice among top recording and touring artists, as well as clinicians and students. The ability these cymbals have to increase a sense of musicality on the drum kit makes them highly sought after.