Cymbal Set MEINL HCS141620+10S - Paket Cymbal Drum 14 hihat 16 crash 20 ride FREE 10 splash


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The HCS Set includes a

14" hi hat pair,

20" ride cymbal,

16" crash,

plus a FREE 10" splash

This HCS box set is drum set ready with standard sizes for full range of sounds
Meinl HCS cymbals are made with a durable and versatile brass alloy that is crafted in Germany with a responsive touch and an unmatched sound quality in this range
Clear stick response with a medium sustain
HCS cymbals from MEINL are medium weight with a traditional finish and lathe

Product Description
This drum kit ready set of HCS brass cymbals provides the building blocks for drummers to start bringing cymbals into their set ups. Included in the box set are a 14" hi hat pair, 16" crash, 20" ride, and a FREE 10" splash. The hi-hats have a crisp "chick" with a nice slosh when played open. HCS crashes deliver a warm crash sound with a medium sustain. The ride is perfect for that classic, cutting ping with a musical bell. The FREE 10" splash is great for blending in quick accents to your grooves without overpowering. HCS cymbals are crafted in Germany with a durable brass alloy that has a responsive touch with an unmatched sound quality in this range. Geared toward beginners, Meinl HCS cymbals stand up to the brunt of sticks while maintaining their musical tone.