Behringer X-DANTE 32-Channel Audinate Dante Expansion Card for X32


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  • Expands the X32's Routing Capabilities
  • 32 Bi-Directional Channels Dante Audio
  • Mix Sample and Bit Rates Simultaneously
  • 24-Bit 48 kHz Signal Transmission
  • Sample-Accurate Synchronization
  • Gigabit or 100 MBit/s Networking
  • Dante Virtual Soundcard Software
  • Record/Play Up to 64 Channels in DAW
  • Dante Controller Application
  • Remote Control with Ethernet Switch

The Behringer X-Dante 32-Channel Expansion Card For X32 Digital Mixing Console is designed to expand the recording and routing capabilities of the mixer with Dante Audio over Ethernet systems. The card plugs into the expansion port on the back of the mixer and provides 32 simultaneous channels of low-latency sample-accurate bi-directional audio to 100 MBit/s or Gigabit network infrastructures with DSCP-based QoS.

The card can transfer the signal at 24-bit 48 kHz resolution and allows for audio with mixed bit and sample rates to simultaneously coexist on the network. The secondary Ethernet port connection can be set up for redundant audio networking.

Using the downloadable Audinate Dante Controller software ( and the integrated Ethernet switch on the card, the user can use a Mac or PC to manage audio routing and remotely control the X32 digital mixer over the network. By purchasing the Dante Virtual Soundcard software for Mac or PC (, the user can also record and playback up to 64 channels of audio into a multi-track DAW.

I/O32 bi-directional channels of audio over Dante

1x primary Ethernet jack
1x secondary Ethernet jack
Throughput100 MBit/s or Gigabit network infrastructure with DSCP-based QoS
Resolution24-bit at 48 kHz

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