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The Gear You Need to Podcast from Your Computer

Podcasting has never been more popular or easier to get into, and with the Behringer PODCASTUDIO 2 USB bundle, its also never been more affordable. The PODCASTUDIO 2 USB podcasting bundle gives includes everything Sweetwater knows you need. First, there's the Xenyx 302USB desktop mixer, which covers your I/O and preamp needs. A XM8500 dynamic microphone and tabletop mic stand turn your desk into a broadcast studio. Of course, you'll have to be able to listen to yourself, and a pair of HPM1000 closed-back headphones do the trick. Cables? Check! And to top it off, you even get a "How to Podcast" guide.

Behringer PODCASTUDIO 2 USB Podcasting Bundle Includes:

  • Xenyx 302USB desktop mixer
  • XM8500 dynamic microphone
  • HPM1000 closed-back headphones
  • Table microphone stand
  • XLR microphone and USB data cables
  • Illustrated "How to Podcast" guide

Xenyx 302USB Mixer

Simple, Small, and Powerful

The Behringer Xenyx 302USB mixer is a great tool for podcasting. You get a USB in and out for easy recording. You'll find that the Xenyx mic preamp sounds great, and is extremely quiet. Tweak your sound with the 2-channel British style EQ. There is also a 2-track input that can be routed directly to headphones or your main mix. The Xenyx 302USB is compact enough to fit on the smallest of desks, and rugged enough to be used in the field capturing sound bites, podcasting or sampling nature.

Behringer Xenyx 302USB Mixer Features:

  • British-style EQ for warm and vibrant sound
  • Xenyx mic preamp delivers clean and clear audio
  • USB stereo interface provides 2-in/2-out recording

Ultravoice XM8500 Microphone

What's in Your Mic Locker?

The Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 fits the bill for a stage-tough dynamic handheld vocal mic. Dynamic mics are rugged, moisture-resistant and have relatively high gain (as compared with condenser mics), making them ideal for vocals and voice over. The XM8500's cardioid pickup pattern captures your lead singer or guitar cab, while rejecting off-axis sound. It exhibits an impressive frequency response of 50Hz to 15kHz (with a mid-frequency presence rise for enhanced voice projection), and incorporates a two-stage pop filter.

Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 Microphone Features:

  • Dynamic cardioid vocal microphone with smooth mid-frequency presence
  • Ultra-wide frequency response for brilliant and transparent sound
  • Integrated spherical wind and pop noise filter for added clarity

HPM1000 Headphones

Affordable Headphones for Recording or Entertainment

Headphones are indispensable, and whether in the studio or at home, the Behringer HPM1000 headphones will give you the quality sound you want. The high-resolution capsules have a wide frequency response and dynamic range, giving you accurate playback and full sound. Comfortable oval-shaped earcups and a padded headband make these headphones comfortable to wear for hours of listening. The Behringer HPM1000 headphones are a great choice and are sure to fit your budget.

Behringer HPM1000 Headphones Features:

  • Wide frequency response delivers clear and natural sound
  • Comfortable enough for extended recording sessions
  • High dynamic range brings out nuances and details in your material


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Behringer adalah perusahaan peralatan audio di antaranya audio mixerspeakerUSB Audio Interface / Soundcardmicrophoneheadphone dan peralatan alat musik lainya, yang didirikan oleh insinyur Swiss Uli Behringer pada 25 Januari 1989, di Jerman. Behringer terdaftar sebagai produsen produk musik terbesar ke-14 pada 2007. Behringer adalah grup perusahaan multinasional, dengan kehadiran pemasaran langsung di 10 negara atau wilayah dan jaringan penjualan di lebih dari 130 negara di seluruh dunia. Meskipun awalnya produsen Jerman, perusahaan sekarang membuat produknya di Cina.
Perusahaan ini dimiliki oleh Music Tribe , sebuah perusahaan induk yang juga didirikan dan diketuai oleh Uli Behringer. Uli juga memiliki perusahaan audio lain seperti Midas Klark Teknik dan Bugera, serta perusahaan Layanan Manufaktur Elektronik Eurotec . Pada Juni 2012, Music Group juga mengakuisisi perusahaan Turbosound , yang merancang dan memproduksi sistem pengeras suara profesional dan sebelumnya dimiliki oleh Harman .
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