Behringer BC1500 Premium 7-Piece Drum Microphone Set for Studio and Live Applications


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Premium 7-Piece Drum Microphone Set for Studio and Live Applications

  • High-performance set of 7 microphones tuned and matched to capture every nuance of a full drum kit

  • Complete collection of premium drum microphones, ideal for studio recordings and live performances

  • 1 premium large diaphragm dynamic microphone specially designed for bass drum and low frequency instruments

  • 4 dynamic percussion microphones for snare, toms and other acoustic percussive instruments

  • 2 matched condenser microphones for overhead stereo drum imaging with switchable low-frequency roll-off

  • Cardioid polar pattern for outstanding sound source separation

  • Rugged, reliable metal die-cast body construction

  • Compact and versatile microphones make it suitable for precision and close mic recordings

  • Gold-plated 3-pin XLR output connector for highest signal integrity

  • Microphone clamps, 5/8” threaded adapters, windscreen and aluminum carry case included

Premium Soundstage
Premium Soundstage

A package of 7 high-quality drum microphones provides accurate reproduction of the entire drum set for both live and studio applications. Various high-grade microphones are tuned to capture kick drum, tom/snare and cymbals efficiently. Compact and versatile microphones are suitable for precision and close mic recordings.

C112 – Kick Drum Microphone
C112 – Kick Drum Microphone

The C112 is a pro-quality large diaphragm dynamic capsule especially tuned for full response of kick drums. Mount this mic onto a short microphone stand, then position it just inside kick drum opening. Aim the mic directly at beater for more attack, or towards the far edge of the drum for a more resonant tone.

Tom/Snare Microphones
Tom/Snare Microphones

The TM1500 are high-quality medium diaphragm dynamic capsules especially tuned for full response of toms and snares. Mount clamps onto each mic, then attach each mic onto the hoop of a tom or snare drum. Angle and distance from mic to drumhead are adjustable. Position each mic toward the center of the drumhead for best results.

Cymbal Microphones
Cymbal Microphones

The CM1500 microphones, with built-in “10 dB pad” and “low frequency roll off," are directional small diaphragm condenser capsules especially tuned for full response of crash, hat and ride cymbals. Mount mic clips onto a pair of tripod boom stands. Slide these mics into the mic clips and position them to get desired delicate and silky highs.

(These condenser microphones require 48 V phantom power for operation.)

Extraordinary Value
Extraordinary Value

Studio-quality Behringer BC1500, a set of 7 premium microphones tuned and matched to capture every nuance of a full drum kit, includes wind noise filter for overhead mics, clamps for tom/snare mics and 5/8” threaded adapters – all in an easy carry case. Rugged die-cast construction makes BC1500 withstand rigors of everyday long recording sessions. Visit your local authorized dealer today and see just how easy and affordable it is to hop on the BC1500 bandwagon – or get yours online.


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Behringer adalah perusahaan peralatan audio di antaranya audio mixerspeakerUSB Audio Interface / Soundcardmicrophoneheadphone dan peralatan alat musik lainya, yang didirikan oleh insinyur Swiss Uli Behringer pada 25 Januari 1989, di Jerman. Behringer terdaftar sebagai produsen produk musik terbesar ke-14 pada 2007. Behringer adalah grup perusahaan multinasional, dengan kehadiran pemasaran langsung di 10 negara atau wilayah dan jaringan penjualan di lebih dari 130 negara di seluruh dunia. Meskipun awalnya produsen Jerman, perusahaan sekarang membuat produknya di Cina.
Perusahaan ini dimiliki oleh Music Tribe , sebuah perusahaan induk yang juga didirikan dan diketuai oleh Uli Behringer. Uli juga memiliki perusahaan audio lain seperti Midas Klark Teknik dan Bugera, serta perusahaan Layanan Manufaktur Elektronik Eurotec . Pada Juni 2012, Music Group juga mengakuisisi perusahaan Turbosound , yang merancang dan memproduksi sistem pengeras suara profesional dan sebelumnya dimiliki oleh Harman .
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